Det har gått flere dager uten at jeg har henvist til Oracs underholdende voksenopplæring. Men når han bruker titler som den over, og tar for seg en virkelig fanatisk anti-vaksinasjonsraring, er det ingen grunn til å la være.

If I were going to give a prize for the looniest antivaccination screed of the year, though, I’ve found a really strong contender. Not only does it regurgitate pretty much every lie there is about vaccinations, but it combines this misinformation with a religious angle so ludicrous that I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry. I laugh at it because this guy who wrote it (Greg Ciola) is such an raving twit. I cry because of it because he may persuade credulous parents not to vaccinate their children, thus endangering these children and others with whom they come into contact.

Et kjapt gjennomsyn av Ciola gir ham har rett: The stupid – it really does burn.

Til gjengjeld er som vanlig en liten dose Respectful Insolence god behandling.